The “PLEVIER SPEEDSTER” is a classic sports car based on the CITROËN 2CV.

In 2017 we started developing a sports car in the style of the 1930s. First 2 years of preparation time: sketching, drawing, searching for ideas on the internet, visiting classic car fairs and listening to people with expertise, etc.

The rodder grille of the 1932 Ford was used as the basis, furthermore we looked at pre-war cars. such as the Jaguar SS100 (1936), the Lagonda Rapide (1937), the Bugatti type 55 (1933), Edsel Speedster (1932), Studebaker speedster (1925) and more…….

Important points in the design were, among other things, the comfort and ease of getting in and out, due to the use of spacious doors. In addition, great attention has been paid to details such as the louvres on the side of the hood, the rivets on the hood and bottom of the body, the lighting from the thirties, classic hinges etc. etc., all this to make the viewer think that he is looking at a car almost 100 years old!

After the design phase, we started making the molds for the polyester hull in January 2020. Then we could start building. Especially the search for beautiful and suitable parts took a lot of time. We have paid a lot of attention to this. The car will be ready at the end of April 2022 and will be shown at the Citro-Classica. See our calendar for more information.